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Apply today for the Atlantic Trade Accelerator Program!


What we need from you:

  1. Commit to attend all delivery days in full and complete an export plan prior to the One-on-One Mentoring Day.
  2. Bi-annually share information about your company's exporting activity after completing the program through an online survey link you will receive.
  3. Dedicate 2 senior representatives to participate in the program.


The program fee for TAP is $5000 per company. However, through the generous support of our sponsors, a bursary will be provided to you to lower the cost to $499 +HST per company. 

Please note: Nominated companies who do not attend all required TAP sessions and complete and export plan prior to the one-on-one mentoring days will be charged the full program fee. 

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  • Are you currently exporting?
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  • What is your company's export status
  • What are your main export challenges?
  • What are the countries you already export to or planning to export in the next 2 years?
  • Countries planning to export in the next 2 years
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